Difficult Tales is an anthology webseries of short films of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. Created by filmmaker and sound artist Frank Difficult, the show will span psychedelic gothic horror, pop-art space action and Lovecraftian terrors. The project has been successfully funded on Kickstarter.



Difficult Tales test footage:


About Frank Difficult

Frank Difficult is the accidental DJ name coined in Las Vegas in the 80s, when the young artist created live performance freeform radio as an experimental music duo with the late George Difficult. His professional film career began around that same time, when he worked as an assistant and editor for the cult filmmaker Ray Dennis Steckler.

By providence, he wound up in Providence, Rhode Island, the birthplace of cosmic horror and the hometown of H. P. Lovecraft, from whose work Frank has drawn much inspiration. He owned and managed an underground video store for a time, and has worked in nearly every aspect of film, video, theatrical and music production. He also has recorded and performed with many musical groups, including V.Majestic, Barnacled, and Alec K. Redfearn and the Eyesores. He is currently collaborating with performance artist Gyna Bootleg.



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