Difficult Tales has been successfully funded through Kickstarter. More details here:
In order to stretch our budget and increase production values, we are seeking donations of material and equipment.

cameras – old surveillance, tube cameras, early camcorders. 
lenses – any make and model

projectors – video projectors and overhead projectors, any optical equipment

sets – lumber, canvas, paint, doors, windows, fencing, curtains, stands

costumes – fabric, period clothes and costuming, uniforms and costume jewelry

props - lamps, vases, knickknacks, fake trees and plants, objects of art, frames, antiques
, medical, scientific equipment

furniture – chairs, small couches, small bed or cot, tables, small shelving, windows

general studio stuff – shelving, storage bins, small refrigerator and microwave.

if you have items or material not listed here, but that might prove interesting, please let me know. I would love to find things that will inspire new stories.

Difficult Tales is not opposed to contributions of cash as well. You can be rewarded with collectible merchandise in the future.

We are also looking for interesting locations to create background images. It would be a fast, simple photo shoot taking multiple angles and panoramic images. Any help finding indoor and outdoor locations in the New England area would be appreciated.

please contact info (at) if you would like to help this project.

For information on being part of the Difficult Tales crew click here:

Casting information coming soon.

Thank you,
Frank Difficult

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